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Understanding more about the Matrix.

By Frank Viana Carvalho

When Anderson (Enderson), before the two pills, decides to take the blue pill, he decrees the end of the existence of Mr. Anderson, or something even better, his revival. There, Neo (Greek 'new') rises to a new reality, the reality of the knowledge of reality, the reality of enlightenment. At that time, Neo comes to "true reality".

We will see in the movie, side by side, theology and philosophy, with a good deal of anthropology and social psychology.

Determinism (a denial of free will) seems a constant in the Matrix, but Neo is there to prove that our choices determine, in particular, our future and every day, our degree of freedom.
Well, let's explanations. Zion is the only free human city. Zion is the English word for ‘Sião’, biblically, the city promised, the city free from all evil.

Morpheus is the Greek god of sleep, but in the movie he is who tries to awaken Anderson and take it to a new way of dealing with the knowledge and ability to choose (the root of the free will).

As the film progresses, the great discovery of Neo is not the 'reality' of the Matrix, but the discovery of himself, meeting the highest teachings of the philosopher Socrates: "Know yourself."

Despite the issue of Artificial Intelligence, which moves the film is the philosophy that it embodies. Plato had already said that we live in a cave, deceived and deluded about reality and knowledge. You must leave the cave. Neo comes out (with pain) and, like the Allegory of the Cave, he returns to help free others. In fact, realizing that the Matrix is ​​not real, Neo can’t go back, just as there is.

Descartes says that the ultimate reality of knowledge is in our mind, our reason. I think, therefore I am. But, what kind of existence?

Therefore, it is clear that people live in a great illusion, in other words, a grand illusion created by others, who control everything through the empty culture of institutions sustaining the status quo, the promoters of the culture of 'to have' and 'appear to be' on being, the existence over the essence, the collective madness, living without thinking, without reflecting - in short, that's what many live and seek.

The machines have found that, for humans to accept that virtual reality, they need, if only unconsciously or subliminally, to choose not to participate in it.

The Oracle is just a program designed to understand and help human beings who did not accept the reality of the Matrix. It is as if the machine had a program to help solve the problems of the machine or its components.

In the movie, Artificial Intelligence has its philosophical lessons. If there is no means 'human' to beat the machines, we are left to hope, though many have already chosen to give, giving rise to the illusion and irrationality.

Morpheus symbolizes, above all, the victory of belief, of the faith. Each demonstration that Neo may be the 'chosen', Morpheus increases their belief and reinforces their faith. He left his great love (Niobi), and even his life, to ensure the life of the 'elect', the 'chosen'.

The Oracle prophecies affects individual choice, precisely because this is the essence of the fulfillment of prophecy (they are the result of human actions). It's like when Jonah prophesied the destruction of Nineveh, and face to repent of its residents, its destination is changed and the prophecy is not fulfilled. Emphasizing the power of choice, Morpheus explains to Neo what the Oracle said, when he spoke to him: "... exactly what you needed to hear, that's all." Later, Morpheus adds: "Neo, you'll soon see how I do, that there is a difference between knowing the path and follow this path."

The ship is called Nebuchadnezzar for two reasons. He was a pioneer, the first king of the first universal kingdom (Babylon) prophesied by Daniel and at the same time, was the king who 'woke up' from his delusion, and turned to reality. A pioneer. The ship is the bearer of those who 'waked up' for their delusions.

There are several trinities in the various religions and cultures. Starting with Main, the trinity of Christianity, the history of religions have various trinities (Hinduism: Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva; Greek - Zeus, Poseidon and Hades and Egyptian - Osiris, Isis and Seth).

Morpheus, Neo and Trinity form (make up) the trinity of the film, where the name of one of them carries this meaning (Trinity - Trinity). The Neo back to life is the victory of mind over body, of spirit over matter, of will over reason. And of course, is a symbol of a theological resurrection.

Even considering the theological issues (which necessarily involve religion), philosophical (traveling from the ancient philosophy, passing through medieval and modern philosophy even today), technology (virtual reality, fights, special effects, Artificial Intelligence), film science fiction (The Terminator, Metropolis), and Anime HQ (The Invisibles, Akira, Serial Experiments Lain, Ghost in the Shell), which is right is the key issue of life, free will, choices, decisions and consequences of our acts.

Well, it's all about the first film, the most significant of the three. The next two are good, but over in search of the many special effects and fights to please a part of the public who 'loved' the film that The Matrix had cleared out the best - getting people to reflect on reality.

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